Mediaoffice at your service

You will get reliable large-scale advertising media in Russian cities through us. Outdoor advertising, promotions, cinema advertising, brochure distribution, digital outdoor media, vehicle advertising (underground, airplane, ship, and train advertising), as well as Russian online advertising.  (,,

Our contract prices with our Russian partners enables us to offer competitive prices to you as well. In addition, we take care of the financial transaction problems to Russia, and you will get facile invoicing from an EU-registered company.


Case: Visit Tampere

Together with Finland's third largest city's tourism marketing, we implemented a New Year season campaign in St. Petersburg's Economic Area (approx. 5 million consumers). The campaign included digital outdoor advertising on large billboard advertising surfaces in the centre of St. Petersburg as well as the distribution of printed advertising implemented at the Finnish borders at targeted times, directly into travelling cars.

The campaign brought traffic to the website The number of visitors more than doubled during the campaign.